PALÉO ou Palais haut

Un refuge pour les esprits néo-poveristes.

The site-specific installation of works by M_O is a visual landscape of creatively reconstructed paleolithic dwellings.
Created in an interplay between found objects and collages printed on textile, the paleo-architecture juxtaposes reality and imagination, past and present.
In an attempt to blur the traditional lines of demarcation, the Neo-Poverist artistic duo introduces a lexical ambiguity into the title of the exhibition: “palais haut” is a French homophonic pun on the word “paléo” which allows for at least two interpretations of the exhibition space, as both paleolithic and palatial, “poor” and prosperous.

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Format A5, 24 pages
Couché mat 135g
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︎ Thomas Marroni

Through the methodical assemblage of textile fabrics, wooden branches and stones,
M_O develops a series of 2.5 metre high spatial and pictorial structures that are evocative of ancient ritual structures.
They are performative in the sense that they provide a space for collective, bonding activity in which artists and visitors can be engaged, both mentally and physically.
Other installations incorporate the animalistic element of fur as a “ritual ingredient”, but also as an allusion to the athleticism of Paleolithic man. An assemblage of kettle bells, weights and still rings forms a palatial space that M_O calls the “contemporary-prehistoric gymnasium”, complete with pillars and a series of six flags arranged in rows of three on each side of an 8 metre long aisle. Each flag of the installation entitled “The walk-in flags” represents in collage form an ideal masculine figure, a macho idol that reflects with irony a prevailing social trend based on constructed images of bodily perfection.
The source materials used in this exhibition were collected during an artistic residency at the Ourc blanc Gallery in Paris. They include found gardening catalogues and naturist books dating from the 70’s, as well as raw elements such as wood, stones and iron.


Galerie Ourcq blanc, Paris - 15.12.2016

Many thanks to Collective Dérive


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