Ipsius fortunae

M_O’s artistic research is articulated around the theme of the reappropriation of images and objects; they explore the relationship between creation and archiving, experimenting with different artistic languages such as photography, collage, installation and video.
Through the reelaboration of the domestic and the everyday, M_O goes on to follow a methodology that contrasts durable materials with ephemeral materials, producing an ‘in-between’ object, situated between the ordinary object and the consumable commodity, therefore staging a dialogue between reality and fiction, artisan and industrial, past and future. In their way of forming a heterogeneous whole that is both continuous and discontinuous and consists of varied forms and perceptible experiences, M_O gives birth to an experimental aesthetics of the “primitive-contemporary”, constructed between the museum and the imaginary space.

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Format A5, 24 pages
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︎ Thomas Marroni

The project has received the patronage of the
Department of Productive Activities, Culture and Sport of the Second Municipality of the Capital of Rome the Capital.

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